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D653 Transect 41 Muddy steep slope with scarse epifauna. P2. Water Depth: 1074m. Feature: Unknown area

Highlights: Boulder with fishing net Plastic litter

Of note: Fishing nets, rubbish

The seafloor consists of ridges covered in coarse sand and sediment waves with occasional rocks. Towards the end of the dive, the topology becomes quite mountainous with towering shoulders of sediment containing many burrows. The fauna includes large barnacles, Swiftia, Desmophyllum, a variety of sea pens including Kophobelemnon and Pennatula are noted as are some ophiuroids. Numerous fish include Lepidion eques and eels. Much fishing gear is observed, entangled on rocks and much rubbish is also observed. Visibility is very poor due to suspended sediment in the water, possibly as a result of nearby trawling activity which was apparent on the radar.

START VIDEO [00:00:00]/21:47. The entire dive is characterized by muddy steep slope with scarce epifauna. Poor vision throughout the dive while the ROV travels up on steep slope/vertical wall. [1] Large boulder on muddy slope is the first clip of the dive. Fishing net found attached to boulder. Mixed corals and barnacles living on boulder. [00:05:00] More fishing gear spotted on the seafloor. [00:07:00] [2] Obscured camera, ROV is moving forward towards landing on the seafloor. [00:09:00] ROV stops for core samplings. [00:19:00] Poor vision throughout the video. [00:19:00] boulders and muddy sediment hosting scarce and sparse epifauna including Swiftia (poss). [00:26:00] Visibility is very poor. [00:28:00] Fishing gear at the bottom. [00:29:00] White plastic sheet on the sea floor. [00:40:00] Poor visibility and scares epifauna. [00:45:00] Obscured camera. Mud cloud. Mud veneered bedrock. [00:52:00] [3] Mud and burrows hosting Ophiomusa lymani. [00:55:00] [4] Ophiuroids are less frequent. Now cerianthids dominant on muddy slope. [01:08:00] Obscured/mud cloud. [01:16:00] Obscured vision. [01:21:00] Obscured. END VIDEO [01:23:00]/23:07.

Progression Start Duration Code Name
1[00:00:00]00:07:25M.AtMB.Ro.MixCorMixed cold water coral community on Atlantic mid bathyal rock and other hard substrata
2[00:07:26]00:43:15M.AtMB.MuAtlantic mid bathyal mud
3[00:50:42]00:04:33M.AtMB.MuAtlantic mid bathyal mud
4[00:55:16]00:28:38M.AtMB.MuAtlantic mid bathyal mud

Cerianthidae sp. 1 : 2 : R
Pachycerianthus multiplicatus : 458 : R
Actiniaria sp. (large red) : 1120 : R
Actiniaria sp. 20 : 605 : R
Sagartidae sp. (wide oral disc) : 1118 : R
Phelliactis sp. 1 : 255 : R
Caryophyllia sp. 2 : 6 : R
Lophelia pertusa : 250 : O
Swiftia sp. : 661 : R
Pennatulacea (indet.) : 1114 : R

Anthoptilum sp. : 1107 : R
Paromola cuvieri : 304 : R
Caridea (indet.) : 1077 : R
Cirripedia sp. 1 : 82 : O
Ophiomusa lymani : 551 : R
Synaphobranchus kaupii : 440 : R
Hoplostethus atlantica : 651 : R
Nezumia aequalis : 1003 : R

Macrouridae sp. (cf. Coelorhynchus) : 1172 : R
Lepidion eques : 249 : R
Mora moro : 349 : R
Lophius piscatorius : 273 : R

Number of species = 22

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