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D683 Transect 52 Dense Pheronema aggregation on muddy slope. P1. Water depth: 1207-1205m. Feature: Pheronema prediction

Highlights: Dense field of hexactinellid sponge - Pheronema Hexactinellid sponge - Hyalonema amongst dense Pheronema

Of Note: Field of Pheronema sponges.

The Pheronema aggregation occurs on a soft silty bottom. Some tunicates, holothurians and crinoids observed among the sponges. The aggregation is very dense, with sponges varying both in shape and size. Extensive sampling of Pheronema specimens and its physical environment (benthic water samples) was undertaken. A single large Hyalonema sponge was also sampled.

START VIDEO [00:00:00]/10:06. Dense Pheronema aggregation on muddy slope. [1] The dive starts on sponge aggregations fields. The ROV collects 15 Pheronema sponges with 3 water and sediment samples (for genetic studies). Several epifauna found nearby and on sponges. Towards the end, the ROV samples one Hyalonema sponge. END VIDEO [02:07:00]/12:03.

Progression Start Duration Code Name
1[00:00:00]01:55:45M.AtMB.Mu.DeeSpo.PheCarPheronema carpenteri field on Atlantic mid bathyal mud

Hyalonema sp. 1 : 917 : R
Pheronema carpenteri : 347 : S
Cerianthidae sp. 1 : 2 : R
Phelliactis sp. 1 : 255 : R
Caryophyllia sp. 2 : 6 : R

Novodinia sp. : 1087 : R
cf. Henricia sp. (deep) : 1154 : R
Cidaris cidaris : 211 : R
Holothuroidea sp. (pink deep) : 1179 : R
Synaphobranchus kaupii : 440 : R

Lepidion eques : 249 : R

Number of species = 11

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