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D563 Transect PB34 Muddy slope with organic matter/debris on sea floor. Non-priority. Feature: Depth. Water Depth: 2994 m. TL: 1.1 km. SOL: -14°54 065 W 50°54.620 N

Marine snow occasionally reduces visibility at base of target slope with organic matter widespread on the sea floor. Strong currents are evident moving across the slope. Grenadiers are seen on occasion.

START VIDEO [00:00:00]. Video starts when ROV is at the bottom. Vision is obscured/mud cloud until 8m. [00:11:00] ROV samples 2 pushcores and checks for white balance. [00:17:00] ROV is still in the same location. Here muddy sediment on gentle upslope. ROV zooms in on organic matter/debris. [00:20:00] Organic matter is widespread on the sea floor with thick marine snow. [00:56:00] ROV moves upwards towards the surface. [01:04:00] Video lost. END VIDEO.

Progression Start Duration Code Name
1[00:00:00]01:11:33M.AtUA.MuAtlantic upper abyssal mud

Eucarida sp. : 1106 : R
Hypsogastropoda sp. : 621 : R

Coryphaenoides guentheri : 577 : R

Number of species = 3

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