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D549 Transect PB05 Sloping carbonate, boulders, cobbles and mud on slope and vertical wall with sparse epifauna incluiding sponges, crinoids and Brisingidae. Non Priority. Features: Deep Canyon Wall. Water depth: -2250 m. TL: 2.2 km SOL: 15° 6.875' W 53° 0.245' N

Highlights: Starfish White sea urchin Sponges & octopus

Mud and rippled soft sediment throughout the dive with burrows visible in areas. Black angular rocks with encrusting sponges, Ophiuroids and cup corals encountered occasionally. The most abundant species are echinoid urchins, stalked crinoids, holothurians, grenadiers and brisingids. There is a large wall with very little fauna, at the top of the wall soft muddy sediment returned. Species of interest include a small octopus and the anemone Actinernus sp.

START VIDEO A [00:00:00]. Marine snow present throughout the transect. [1] Mud/rippled sediment on flat sea floor. Sparse epifauna. 5m [2] Carbonate horizontal slope/ledges. 6m [3] Mud/rippled sediment/gravel/pebble/cobble. 7m ROV stops for imagery of Bathycrinidae. [10:00:00] ROV stops for imagery and sampling of poss new species of Brisingidae. [00:30:00] [4] Sea urchin OTU1129 dominates on mud/rippled sediment. [43:00:00] Marine snow. [46:00:00] Boulders on slope. Sparse epifauna. [00:47:00] [5] here muddy gentle upslope continues with sparse epifauna on occasional boulders, including Bathycrinidae sp. [01:08:00] [6] here steep slope with pebble/cobble field/sparse boulders on muddy sediment. Sparse epifauna including crinoids OTU131. [01:18:00] [7] Vertical wall with inlets. Feather stars OTU131 and stalked crinoids OTU1141 co-dominate on rock. [01:24:00] ROV stops for sampling of globose sponge OTU1128. [01:40:00] ROV stops for imagery of Graneledone verrucosa OTU973. [8] Here carbonate bedrock. Still cobbles present. Crinoids OTU131 and OTU1141 dominate. [01:45:00] [9] Vertical carbonate wall hosts sparse epifauna. [01:47:00] [10] Cobble fields on gentle/moderate slope with sparse epifauna including crinoids OTU131 and OTU1141. END VIDEO A.

VIDEO B STARTS. [02:05:28]. Video B lasts 32m. [11] Boulders/cobbles/pebbles/mud with sparse epifauna, mainly crinoids. VIDEO B ENDS [02:37:00].

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